This photo book captures Kyoto University's Yoshida Dormitory - currently the oldest university dormitory in Japan.

Built in 1913, Yoshida Dormitory is renowned as a base of Japanese counterculture, art, plays and music. And itfs now on the brink of its demise.

We hope that this photo book will provide evidence of this remarkable dormitory, and that the soul of Yoshida Dormitory will last forever.

Takako Oishi
The Comittee of the Yoshida Dormitory Photo Book

All photos taken by Takako Oishi in 2006.
All color, soft cover book.  8.5" x 11". @Sale both in print and digital (pdf).

Yoshida Dormitory

Vol. 2 "Graffiti"

Coming soon!!

Yoshida Dormitory

Vol. 3 "Art and Culture"

Coming soon!!!

copyright (c) 2011 by Takako Oishi.
All rights reserved.
Printed in the United States of America.
Photographs by Takako Oishi
Text by Atsushi Takada, Natalie Hegert and Takako Oishi
Book Design by Shimpei Shirafuji
Photo Retouch by Masaki Hori, Shimpei Shirafuji
Calligraphy by Kotaro Hatch
Translation and editing by Shimpei Shirafuji, Takako Oishi, Ross Terelle, Thomas Marks and Natalie Hegert
Staff and Member of the Committee of the Yoshida Dormitory Photo Book Project (2007): Kinya Kobayashi,
Atsushi Takada, Kengo Omori, Tsukasa Kondo, Gohei Hayashi, and Hiroko Kotera